Wie liebst und akzeptierst du deinen aktuellen Stil, obwohl er nicht wie der Stil deiner Modeikonen aussieht?

Ich habe bestimmte Outfits, die wie ihre aussehen, aber nicht ganz, deshalb bin ich darüber gestresst. Ich hasse meine aktuelle Mode nicht, weil sie gut zu mir passt, aber sie sieht einfach nicht so aus wie sie und ich bin gestresst darüber.

Ich habe versucht herauszufinden, welche Kleidungsstücke, Farben und Muster am häufigsten verwendet werden und wie sie gestaltet wurden, aber etwas stimmt immer noch nicht.

Ich möchte nur meine aktuelle Mode als das akzeptieren, was sie ist, weil sie wie gesagt gut zu mir und meinem Körper passt

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  1. I choose to have money in the bank account vs better clothing in my closet- that’s justification enough for me

  2. I accept that I look nothing like my style icon.

    Don’t get stressed about it, everyone has different curves and proportions, things are going to fit you differently than someone else. The whole point of having personal style is having clothes that fit you and your body nicely, not to copy other people’s exact look. The other is actually, in my opinion, the opposite of being a stylish person

  3. Be your own icon. Be comfortable and happy being yourself. Trying to be like and look like someone else just leads to disappointment.

  4. If having style icons is stressing you out, I’d recommend getting rid of them altogether. Comparison is the thief of joy, and people do this to themselves. It’s not like anyone is looking at you and thinking your style is somehow inferior to whomever you admire. Hell, few people are going to look at your clothes and see anything beyond “that’s a nice top”, fewer still are going to see your outfit as messaging any sort of theme or idea “oh that’s a very minimalist-meets-punk style neat” and even fewer are going to even think about your icon. No one around me is looking at my outfit and then ranking it on a scale of “how close to Cate Blanchett did Lumen look today?”

    Besides–I’m not trying to look like Cate Blanchett. Much as I adore her style of androgynous suiting and perfect eyes, it would be weird to be thinking about her as I actually got dressed. I want to express *me*. My tastes, *my* favourite colors, my favourite textures and themes and motifs, my style, the medium through which I express some of my personality, some of the context and history that makes me who I am. I don’t want to have any one else’s personality!

    I mean, if you have the money and inclination, I suppose you could look into carbon copying yourself into whomever you want! But, be warned, that if they’re pretty famous, you’ll need a lot of money. All these magazines and listicles naming all the pieces of clothes you can buy to look “just like X person!” but the reality is that the Kates Middleton and the Alexas Chung have a team of stylists, a makeup person, a nutritionist, a personal trainer. If your style icon is a blogger or on instagram it’s likely those clothes, even if you buy the same piece, won’t look the same on you just because that’s not what the clothes actually look like (see [blogger](http://theladynerd.com/) revealing a [trade](http://theladynerd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/kmphoto-starwars-9743.jpg) [secret](http://theladynerd.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/10390356_10101171448405268_9054200253265655621_n.jpg)). Perhaps you *do* have the money and also the time (perhaps you yourself are one of these famous people with lots of money and your look is part of this? if so though, any stylist would probably recommend you create your own style otherwise it would be bad for your brand). If so then you could hire someone for a few thousand dollars a year to help you replicate this person’s look. Though, to me anyway, personal expression is a lot more fun than constant comparison.

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