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Eine Geheimwaffe für Outfits


Der Versuch, passende Outfits für Mutter und Baby zu finden, hilft mit Sicherheit dabei, die Entwicklung vor der Party voranzutreiben, die die Stimmung deutlich angenehmer macht und verbessert. Zuletzt gingen die Mädchen gegen die oben abgebildeten Punkte vor. Jeder mag es, seine Kinder auf Vordermann zu bringen, und Ihre werden bald in Online-Boutiquen zu finden sein, in denen Sie sie mit Hilfe und auf eine Weise, die sie lieben wird, auf dem Cover dieser Marker pflegen können. Als Mütter und Väter können Sie auch gerne Ihre Jungen anziehen, während die Idee hinter den Clownkostümen darin besteht, sowohl Freude als auch Befriedigung zu erzeugen.


Es kann schwierig sein, Mädchen-Outfits in einer angenehmen, charmanten, modischen und bezaubernden Umgebung zu kreieren. Viele Outfits enthalten die wichtigsten Ausrüstungsgegenstände. Ein gut abgestimmtes Ensemble kann aus mehreren Substanzen bestehen, die dick und leicht sein können. Stellen Sie daher sicher, dass Sie die Substanzen finden, die für die genaue Situation geeignet sind. Für den Fall, dass Sie anspruchsvoll prüfen möchten, ob ein vollschwarzes Outfit dazu beitragen kann, dass Sie wie ein echter New Yorker wirken und der richtige Weg sind. Throw-In-Heels und auch du erlebst ein Outfit in einer Arbeitsatmosphäre.


Es fügt sich zu einem Outfit zusammen, das praktisch präsentabel ist. Trotz der Vielfalt, die zur Auswahl steht, können die Leute leicht entscheiden, welche Art von Ensemble sie mögen. Es wird bald möglich sein, dass Sie zusammen mit einigen anderen Outfits und so vielen einzigartigen Erscheinungsformen Stiefel tragen. In Schneidereien könnte möglicherweise ein normales Seesoldaten-Outfit angesammelt werden.


Kleidung wird in begrenzter Menge hergestellt. Als erstes solltest du sicher sein, dass du die richtige Kleidung trägst. Es wird wahrscheinlich angenommen, dass das Erhalten der am besten passenden Outfits und das Auswählen der richtigen Farben als echter Schlüssel für Ihren allgemeinen Look fungiert.


Es gibt zahlreiche Typen. Die Vorhänge zeigen immer einen einzigartigen Teil der eigenen Persönlichkeit. Mit ein wenig Vorbereitung auf das Studium ist es nicht schwierig, die tollen Outfits für die Brautjungfern der Stadt zu tragen. Beende das Outfit Schritt für Schritt und du wirst auch weitermachen müssen. Beginnen Sie Ihre Suche in Ihrem eigenen Schrank, bevor Sie sich auf den Weg machen, ein Bash-Kostüm zu holen.

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  1. I second OP. White button down shirts, chinos, blue skinny jeans, tapered pants, wide strap tanks, straight coats, anything neon, HENLEY SHIRTS, buttoned midi skirts, buttoned shirts, other buttoned things with many many buttons… They all make me look like a frumpy 6 year old trying on mom’s adult clothes. No idea.

  2. Jeans

  3. I love white button downs but keeping them clean is my scruggle. I need my whites blinding white. Bling bling.

  4. White button downs don’t work for me either. They just make me look washed out.

  5. Any shirt with buttons. It just emphasizes my chest! (I know there are ones out there made for ladies with larger chests, but am too lazy to find them, too poor to afford them, and hate ironing anyway!)

  6. Neutrals. I just look better in brighter colors. I avoid neutrals except for basic pieces like white T-shirts or black skinny pants.

  7. I second the white button down struggle. I also can’t do chinos, slip dresses, or bootcut jeans (not for lack of trying on all four fronts)

  8. White button downs work alright for me (I like to layer them under sweaters), but *white t-shirts* are a big hell no from me!! I hate them – they get dirty, they don’t jive with the rest of my wardrobe, and I just look weird in pure optic white.

    other classic “staples” that don’t work for me: white sneakers, red lipstick, mini skirt of any print or color, black leather moto-style jacket, ballet flats, anything khaki, anything cheetah/leopard print…

  9. Jeans. And pretty much any type of pants. I don’t even bother trying them on anymore! ETA: Oh, and oversized anything. I’m 5’0 dammit!

  10. I’ve recently come to the realization that a good number of wardrobe ‘staples’ read too preppy to really work for me:

    -I can think of a dozen other types of light coat that I would prefer over a classic trench.

    -Loafers make me feel both stumpy in the legs and not myself.

    -Blue dark wash jeans are completely useless to me when I can just wear grey or black instead.

    -I don’t need sneakers for casualwear when I have my docs.

    -And most white blouses make me feel too stiff. I’ll take a black one thank you.

  11. muted colors have been in since forever. I look terrible in them. pastels or tan or muted greens and purples. I need brighter colors to look good

  12. White button down shirts or anything with a collar work oddly work great for me. I’m petite so maybe I just look better with more “structure”?

    On the other hand anything with the word “oversized” in any way associated with it I steer clear from. Same with maxi dresses. They swallow me completely.

  13. casuallycruelhonesty

    Pencil skirts

  14. office-style blazers worn with anything other than a suit. non-black jeans, particularly skinny jeans. white button downs not part of a uniform and not covered in coffee stains.

  15. Cropped/ankle length pants. Doesn’t matter what type of shoe I pair them with, it never looks quite right.

  16. *Any* skirt. For whatever reason, I simply cannot find a single type of skirt that flatters me, or even looks passably good. I see so many people wearing beautiful skirts of all shapes and I’m envious!

  17. Turtlenecks.

  18. oversized anything – i’m a tall hourglassy shape, but not slender, so oversized things make me look huge, frumpy and fat; since my hips are more or less as wide as my shoulders even the widest things get stuck on my hips and just don’t work.

    mid rise light jeans – makes my hips look a mile wide. just no. i’ll wear light wash if they’re high waisted, but i still prefer black.

  19. Jeans. Honestly, just pants in general. I’m a thin, hippy woman, about 5’7”, with a short torso.. I don’t know, just seems like no matter what kind of pants/jeans I buy, they make me look so wide and like I have no torso at all..??!

  20. white button-ups for me too! Glad I’m not the only one. they always look SO chic and effortless on everyone else but they just fall flat on me. absolute bummer every time I try.

  21. Any jeans that aren’t 100% cotton. I hate stretchy jeans with a burning passion.

  22. Skinny jeans and anything dark black. (that wont fade at to about charcoal black over time). I have reeeeally pale skin and medium cool dirty blonde hair so dark black stuff makes me look so washed out, skinny jeans don’t work with my thighs that are like 6x bigger than my calves thanks to sports haha.

  23. Camis don’t work for me for some reason. They’re too long, they’re too fitted and yet not fitted enough, they show through everything I tried to layer over, and I can’t *not* associate them with girls from church who thought that they needed to cover up any skin below the collarbone that showed in v-necks. General-purpose camis just feel like an extra unnecessary layer that messes up the lines of whatever I try to wear.

    Admittedly more dated of a fashion “staple”, but bootcut jeans *sucked* for me. For all intents and purposes, they should’ve been my HG jean silhouette since I’m short and pear-shaped. Alas, they just made me feel shorter and were really hard to pair with shoes.

  24. Jeans. All jeans. The mom jeans are so cute on everyone but they hurt my abdomen. Granted I have crohns disease and lots of bloating. But i don’t get why *anyone* would want a stiff waistband and knees (ouch)

  25. Loose shit. I hate loose. I’m skinny and short and loose clothes overwhelm my petite frame.

  26. Light tan trench coats or camel coats. Which are in every “timeless/French/elegant” wardrobe list ever and for a while i kept trying to make them work. I have dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and pale skin and I just look very washed out and like all my blondes/tans don’t match or contrast in the right way.

    Edit: also jeans (often feel constricting), black flats (always get smelly/dirty/ruined, uncomfortable for too long), white blouse (ruined in wash, don’t hang right or tuck well, look frumpy or just have details that don’t look right). However, I’m a big fan of turtle or mocknecks, pencil skirts, and lots of other “classic” items!

  27. Jeans (no bum), button ups (boobs), pretty much any skirt!

  28. Blazers. I’m quite tall so that doesn’t help in terms of arm length. I always look like someone’s confused father when I am brave enough to wear one

  29. Blue jeans, non-stretch denim is super uncomfortable to me and I think stretch blue jeans look cheap.

    Basic Tees. I can pull them off with a jacket, but without one I just kinda look like a slob.

    Pencil skirts. It looks like I’m smuggling a watermelon.

  30. Sun dresses. Mustardy cardigans. Shorts. Most ankle boots. A lot of the more standard polka dot shirts. Collared blouses / button downs. Anything off the shoulder.

  31. Leggings! I’m 5ft tall. First of all , can never find any in my length and due to how skin tight they are, it emphasizes my short legs

  32. Cashmere jumpers. Am I the only person in the world who finds them itchy? I envy those who wear them. (Wool is even worse on me, instant red rash.)

    Oh, and ballet flats make my feet look like boats.

  33. Wrap dresses. I’m a busty curvy person aka who they are always marketed to, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t show every bulge in the back and also covers appropriately in the front. If I have to wear a whole outfit (cami +shape wear) underneath my dress to make it work then why bother?

  34. Jeans. Long legs, short waist, hip dips.. I perpetually have a muffin top.

  35. The white button down. Makes me feel like I’m late for a catering job.

  36. I’m with you! I’d buy one, ‘discover’ it doesn’t suit me, return, repeat in two years

  37. When the high waisted mom jeans came back into fashion I knew so many people that RAVED for them but they made me look so flipping awkward.

  38. Most collared things and blazers look pretty bad on me!

  39. Wide legged pants, or straight leg pants. Jeans that aren’t high-wasted.

    And mom jeans.

  40. Skinny jeans. I’d like to actually be able to move.

  41. Structured tops including blazers, button up shirts, etc. I have broad shoulders and a large chest so getting to fit those is impossible.

    Turtlenecks or mocknecks, I’m not a swan and they make me feel claustrophobic.

    Pencil skirts, they’re uncomfortable and I can’t walk in them at all. Skirts generally are something I struggle with because I don’t have a defined waist or “feminine” hips (I’m basically a rectangle that doesn’t need to unbotton pants to get them off lol).

    Heels of any kind, I can balance and walk in them fine but I’m not interested in being in pain.

    Cropped tops, from extreme to slight, big chest means they look ridiculous on me even if I layer with full length tanks.

    Camel colour clothing (annual fall wool coat trend) and brown shoes because they’re too close to my skintone and look hideous on me.

  42. periwinkleravenclaw

    Mom jeans are the absolute worst on me, as are any high waisted pants, really. I’m relatively thin but with high hips, the kind of hips that look like a muffin top even though I’m a size 2/4, so high waisted pants make my hips look lumpy, square, and way out of proportion. Mid-rise skinny looks great and high-rise tapered looks terrible, so I guess I’m about to be unfashionable for the next 5-7 years. ?‍♀️

  43. I got narrow shoulders and hips, but I also got boobs. A lot of things are tricky:

    – the famous white button up shirt. Or mens style shirts in general, though silky materials can work better and I open an exception for flannel though that works better with layering.

    – round neck buttoned cardigans, they look very matronly on me.

    – blazers, it can be tricky, some can be found, sometimes altering the shoulders worth it, but I just prefer jackets which are something else than men’s styles or formal blazers.

    – trench coats, if too much epaulettes and flaps, they drown me. Trenches are difficult in general though managed to find some ocasionally which work for me, but it is like I try 100s knowing I will look just wrong on it.

    – opaque, matt or glossy red lipstick. Seriously. warm reds or blue reds. Sheerness works though, if not too glossy.

    Not a fashion staple, just a current trend but balloon sleeves and I are not friends at all. Paperbag trousers, no thank you.

    And literally not working for me, heels in general. Fuck you, heels.

  44. Dress pants. These are basically a super fail on me. They don’t fit in the thighs. Hit me in a weird part in the waist. And emphasis all the worst things on me. I stick with skirts.

    Blazers are very tricky for me as well.

    I’d love to get a perfect fitting patterned pant suit. Still looking.

  45. Denim jackets! I see them looking so so cute on other people, but every time I try them I feel instantly unsexy and awkward in a way I can’t explain. Joggers and a faded sweatshirt? Fine. Denim jacket with anything? Too casual.

  46. High waisted anything. I have the legs of somebody 4” taller than me but an average/short torso with zero curves. High waisted stuff squishes my stomach and makes me look like I have no torso. I prefer low-mid rise that hits right at or just above my hips, so I can wear a tucked in shirt and actually look like more than boobs set directly on top of a pair of pants.

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