Hast du eine "Uniform"?

Uniform bedeutet ein Standardoutfit, das Sie jeden Tag tragen. Natürlich muss es nicht identisch sein (du bist keine Zeichentrickfigur), aber tendieren deine Outfits dazu, einem Muster zu folgen, das es dir leicht macht, dich anzuziehen?

Für mich sind alle meine Klamotten einfarbig mit roten und marineblauen Stücken. Egal, was ich greife, es wird passen. Das hat mir das Leben leichter gemacht und ich bekomme überraschenderweise viele Komplimente für meine Kleidung. Mein Standardoutfit sind schwarze Hosen / Jeans + Langarmhemd + Blazer / Kaschmir-Tunika-Pullover + Mantel + schwarze Stiefel mit Absatz.

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  1. Home: socks, shorts, sweater.

    Hot weather: socks, shorts, sweater. Canvas sneaks.

    Mild weather/out & about: some kind of hosiery, skirt, shirt, sweater. Some type of bootie/boots/heels.

    Today I have crushed my uniform standard and went with really nice slacks/shirt/sweater.

  2. I actually do! I am from and live in Paris, and here having a uniform is pretty much a synonym of fashion (most people argue it’s a bad thing but what can you do?) so I pretty much just fit in. I have two color schemes, black or tan. Because I own a black blazer coat and a tan blazer coat, and I just go by that. Most days, my outfits are either amdressy pants or jeans as bottoms, button downs or turtleneck as tops and ankle boots as my standard shoes. I personally really like my style although it’s very much a basic bitch look around here! As we’re speaking I am wearing a wine red turtleneck, black jeans and my ankle boots lol.

  3. Im pretty boring. My job requires scrubs and i never get out (cause i have no friends LOL) so its basically me in my jammies. If im out im in jeans, a white tshirt, leather docs, and leather jacket.

  4. summer: crop top/ t-shirt tucked into high waisted shorts, hiking boots and socks. a small gold necklace. mostly warm & bright colors—yellows, tangerines, and blue accents

    cold weather: t-shirt or sweater tucked into high waisted jeans or funky pants, layered with flannels and puffy jackets. more muted colors and textured fabrics— cranberry red, olive green, tan. like fingerless gloves, gold jewelry, and fanny packs to spice things up. i definitely have more trouble putting together interesting fits when it’s cold!

    i’m in college, so my uniform is definitely a casual look to go between work and class

  5. I wear scrubs, but I always wear gray scrubs. Light gray in the warmer months and charcoal in the cooler months.

    When I held a more corporate role, it was straight midi skirt/trousers, short sleeved black t-shirt, and cardigan with flats or Chelsea style boots. I had soooooo many cardigans. But I regularly received compliments on how nice I looked.

  6. Yes, but it’s kinda sad. SAHM on weekdays and Massage therapy student on weekends. So right now my uniform is leggings (useally decorated in seasonal print) a black or brown long sleeve or tunic and ugg boots.

    I love palazzo and tribal style pants too so sometimes I wear those instead of leggings. I have to be able to move freely though at home and at school.

    My uniform is basically just a mix and match of leggings and loose/free flowing pants, and long shirts. Not fancy, but it works.

  7. In summer it is a sundress, and chacos–with a cross-body bag and cardigan as needed.

    In Winter, it is a sweater dress with tights or leggings and black boots. Simple but can be dressed up or down as needed. And people always think you look put together.

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