Einfarbige Baumwollpullover, wo bist du?

Zum zweiten Mal in Folge ist ALLES Kaschmir. Ich habe nichts gegen Kaschmir. Nur, dass die chemische Reinigung nicht zu meinem Lebensstil gehört.

Jedes Geschäft, das ich bisher überprüft habe, hat schlichte, solide Pullover mit Rundhalsausschnitt, aber sie sind immer aus Kaschmir. Sollen wir jetzt den ganzen Winter nur noch Kaschmir tragen?

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  1. FYI gentle setting on a washer or using lingerie bags can extend the life of cashmere.

    What kind of sweaters are you looking for exactly?

  2. You should start shopping at cheaper stores! 😀

  3. SAME! except I’m allergic to cashmere/wool/rayon blends. I find most of my sweaters at Gap.

  4. screamingaboutham

    I buy men’s crew neck sweaters. Good and plain, rarely made of cashmere. Longer fit for my long torso.

  5. I was gonna post EXACTLY this. Where are all the cotton sweaters that don’t have acrylic or polyester?? I can’t afford cashmere (I could theoretically buy one but it wouldn’t be worth it because I can’t afford to buy a good quality one), wool is good, though it’s also on the more expensive side.

    I did find a vintage men’s cotton sweater from a saks fifth avenue brand at a thrift store and my mom gave me a really old cherokee 95% cotton 5% acrylic (which would never exist in today’s times in that type of brand) that was my dad’s. I guess to the thrift store we go?

  6. LLBean has some good cotton sweaters, though I don’t think any of them are as plain as what you’re looking for. Might be worth taking a look. It’s easy to sort by clothing item and fabric on their website!

  7. Maybe check out Kotn and Pact? I don’t know if their stuff will be fitted enough for what you’re looking for but they do have heavier cotton knits.

  8. And cashmere is too hot anyway. I can only wear it if it is actually cold. Useless for the mid-seasons.

    But , brands are not going to put out cotton sweaters in October. cotton is a louzy material when it is cold and wet, that is winter. It can be kind of chilly, it becomes a bad insulator when wet. Brands make cotton sweaters for spring and summer, that is when you find 100% cotton sweaters. That being said, there are some surprisingly nice 100% cotton crew neck striped sweaters at zara (they call them tshirts though). Benetton has lots of 100% cotton knits, though not sure they have them in stock now, in autumn/winter.

    As an alternative to cashmere, have you tried merino? It is basically machine washable (buy slightly oversize and risk it in any case), not as suffocating warm as cashmere, naturally stretchy.

    You need to stock up in spring. You are doing the equivalent of looking for flannel in April.

  9. I can’t vouch for quality since I haven’t purchased one (yet!) but 525 America has a plain cotton sweater that I have my eye on. Might be worth checking out. I think they have quite a few different styles in cotton.

  10. Land’s End has lots of really nice 100% cotton sweaters.

  11. Everlane has this [cotton sweater](https://www.everlane.com/products/womens-soft-cotton-crew-palepink?collection=womens-sweaters). I have bought a lot of their sweaters in the past and they are always good quality. Plus they have great customer service if you ever have an issue. They replaced a sweater for me for free because it developed a hole after two years.

  12. Everlane has a bunch of cashmere sweaters and I’m kinda annoyed about it, but they do have a couple of non cashmere options. It’s still worth checking out

  13. They’re waiting for you with arms wide open at thrift stores. All my natural fiber sweaters are from there. It turned me into a synthetic snob. I despise polyester!!!

  14. Did you look at Gap? They seem to have some Merino wool ones.

  15. [this](https://us.kotn.com/collections/womens-sweatshirts/products/airy-sweatshirt?variant=30875446968374) from the brand Kotn comes to mind, although it seems a little roomier than the j crew example you linked

    In general it will be hard to find close-fitting cotton sweaters unless they are ribbed or waffle-knit, or contain spandex, because cotton is not inherently elastic. Cashmere, wool, or anything with spandex is stretchy, so they just cling to the body better and allow for that body-con look.

    (edit: wording)

  16. I have never tried their sweaters, but I really like the cotton clothing that I have gotten from Pact! Most of their items seem to be 90% or above cotton.

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