Alle Urlaubsgeschenkfragen (oder reguläre Geschenkfragen, die gerade zu dieser Jahreszeit gestellt werden) finden Sie hier! Vielen Dank an die Nutzer, die so freundlich sind, diese Fragen zu beantworten und Vorschläge in diesem Thread zu machen.

Dieser Thread bleibt so lange bestehen, bis wir daran denken, ihn im Januar wieder auszutauschen. Da wir immer nur zwei geklebte Fäden gleichzeitig haben können, überspringen wir den Kauf / Verkauf / Handel bis Januar (wenn Sie sich alle entschließen, Ihre Schränke zu säubern und Ihre alten Klamotten zu verkaufen).

Viel Spaß beim Verschenken!

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  1. Can anyone suggest a cool $30-$60 gift for my boyfriend? I’ve already gotten him a Patagonia sweater, a photo book, and a personal mug I made, but not sure what else to get him. He loves gadgets, hiking, some board games, family time, and he is a professional musician. He’s just the type to buy anything he wants within that price range so it’s really hard. I would soooo appreciate any suggestions!

  2. Looking for businessy/professional looking headwear/hat/beanie/war muffs for a sister. Any ideas?

  3. Gift idea for my dad? Under $100. He likes Michigan football (but probably owns all the merch that exists), just bought a vacation home in Arizona, and he likes wine and to travel. He is getting into running! Previously I’ve knit him a michigan hat and got him storyworth, but struggling for ideas this year!

  4. Looking for suggestions for my father-in-law. He is very VERY into wine, so much so that his basement looks like a Total Wine & More, including the & More part. There is no gizmo or doohickey he does not already have related to wine. Buying wine or other alcohol is also right out because 1) he knows so much and 2) it’s getting a little concerning down there.

    He recently moved into a much larger house, but he is also pretty well-off so it’s already been extensively decorated and furnished. We tried to gift an experience one year but instead of sitting and watching the game like we intended it turns out he knew a guy and talked us into box seats… for free. So purchasing anything can be really challenging.

    Any tips? How do you buy for, quite literally, someone who has it all?

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